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15 Mar 2021

Edit Vimrc Without Knowing Exact Path

To load the config: :e $MYVIMRC To apply the changes (without restarting vim): :source % Resources: https://vim.fandom....
08 Feb 2021

Hide VS Code Release Notes

Go to preferences, then settings ([cmd + ,] on mac). Search for update.showReleaseNotes Turn it off.
02 Feb 2021

Render Markdown in Console

-- install (osx) $ brew install glow -- example usage: $ cat | glow -
21 Dec 2020

Generate GraphQL local documentation

Tool name: graphdoc. Code snippet: graphdoc -e https://{GRAPHQL_ENDPOINT}/graphql -x "x-api-key: {TOKEN}" -o ./d...
03 Oct 2020

Convert unknown's file encoding to UTF-8

Easiest way: soltysik@mbp ~ $ file -I Downloads/Lista_transakcji_nr_0076302940_070620.csv <aws:zoovu> Downloads/Li...
30 Sep 2020

Remove Single Column From Huge CSV

We’re going to get rid of sure_name column. Inlined: python3 -c "import pandas as pd; df = pd.read_csv('IN...
17 Jul 2020

Remove Pycache Pyc

find . | grep -E "(__pycache__|\.pyc|\.pyo$)" | xargs rm -rf
29 Jun 2020

Skip Husky Precommit Hook

git commit --no-verify
26 Jun 2020

Create Merge Request on Push

From command line: git push -o merge_request.create Zsh: echo "alias mrcreate='git push --set-upstream origin $(...
20 Jun 2020

My Favorite Anki Plugins

Enhance main window Review Heatmap Speed Focus Mode